Wednesday, June 15, 2011

feeling overwhelmed

People move ALL of the time... but when it is me, I start to freak out a little bit!  There is so much to do, and I don't even know where to start.  Packing with my 3 sweet little peeps feels less than productive.  Figuring out what items will and will not fit in the new house is a task I am taking on with graph paper.  Where to sell or give items we won't be bringing with us rattles my little brain.  I am realizing more and more, that I am great at making decisions for others, but I stink at making up my mind for myself.  Would someone just come over and tell me what to do??!?!  Mr. Steady is slammed at work right now (working his old job and his new job simultaneously)... thus leaving much of the house stuff up to me.

I'm competent for the job... just completely indecisive and overwhelmed at the same time!

And along with the full time job of managing our move, I still get to take care of my little ones.  The more stress I feel, the worse mom I tend to be.  I am praying that by God's grace, I can be full of love, joy, patience and playfulness with my kiddos in the next few weeks.  That the details of the move won't rob me of my joy (which therefore robs my kiddos of their joy).

Wishing I was more of a "roll" with it kind of gal.  Also, wishing sweet little B didn't attempt to unpack every box I try to pack... Whew, this isn't going to be easy!

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