Monday, November 15, 2010

Bug is 2

Sweet Baby Girl, how are you already 2?

I love the way your eyes light up when you smile
I love your sweet little moves when you dance
I love the way you love your daddy and brothers
I love your determination (though some days your determination challenges me)
I love that you love sleep
I love the way you joke around and try to make others smile
I love your hugs, kisses and snuggles
I love how sweet and shy you are around people you don't know very well
I love your daring personality and how brave you are
I love how you come up to me and say "Mama, hold you peas" {Mama hold me please}
I love your sensitivity to others and your compassion
I love how when you do something right, you say "Yay" and clap for yourself

 I love you crazy Bug!

Things you love...
Brushing your teeth*  Big Bro* Reading books* Swimsuits* Joshy* Chewing holes in your binky* Climbing in the car and into your carseat all by yourself* "Baby Why Why" {Baby Levi}* Balloons* Your baby brother* Sleep* Taking a shower* Taking a bath* Cheese* Doing anything a big kid would do* Going to the Beach* Taking shoes on and off* Goldfish* Daddy* Mama* Mac and cheese* Binky and blankets* Drawing* Helping in the kitchen* Music class* Elmo* Trains* In-n-out french fries*

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  1. I love that Joshy made it on her list!;) I love that girl...maybe my future daughter-In-law...hehehe! I can wish;) She is 2 darn cute!!! I can't believe she is 2 years old. It does not feel that long ago that we were at your house in Utah and she was just a newborn. Oh time flys with kiddos!



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