Friday, August 5, 2011

All american weekend

Last weekend we were able to go and see some of our best friends that live in the Santa Ynez Valley.  We had an AMAZING weekend!  The Santa Ynez Valley feels worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of SoCal.  There are huge open pastures with cows grazing, acres and acres of beautiful vineyards, quaint  main street areas, honestly it is idyllic!  We love it up there!

The weekend was perfectly planned out...
Picnic in the park
Berry picking
Triptip sandwiches... yummy!
S'mores around the campfire
Dressup clothes (for the kids)
Playground craziness
Wine- tasting
Vineyard tours
Peanut butter M&Ms (perfect paring for a Merlot, don't you think)
Running through the grass
Hike through the creek
Tadpole catching
Sweet time with one AMAZING family

Good thing last weekend was so fun... we won't be doing much this weekend... I have bronchitis... who gets that in the summer?? Uggh!


  1. Great pictures! How fun.
    Though.....seriously, how do you get sick in the summer. I'm sorry!!!! Not cool!

  2. What a fun family trip; love that there were more kids than adults. :) And even better, a date night with best friends. Love it!

    When you say that 4 is the perfect number, do you have something to tell me? :) Hope your summer finishes well and you enjoy your start at CCS. Our time was too short; look forward to keeping up via blogging and FB.



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