Thursday, August 11, 2011

Playroom ideas

we have a play room, which I love!  Whoo Hoo!  And with a door that closes, which is even better : ) I have been scrounging the lovely internet for ideas of what I want to do in this space.  I want to make it fun for the kids, functional for our storage of kids stuff and a place we can hang out as a family.  Her are some of my favorite ideas from

i love this growth-chart that I found here

And this is the bookshelf we were planning on getting.  Love the baskets, love the map, love it all

And I love the idea of a verse being a piece of art in the room... ahh so many great verses, which ones for which rooms.
I love the idea of having a chalkboard in the room.  Love the idea found here for making one!

And an art wall, area... set place to display all of the treasures my kiddos make!
There is not one room in our house that is completely settled... give us 6 months! Haha!  I will post pictures soon of what we have done so far.  But hope you enjoy all of my lusting of completed rooms!  Someday, someday : )

Oh, and I just saw this on one of my favorite blogs... an instant fort!  My kids would love that!

ps. if you don't know what pintrest is... it is the BEST image search on the web! 

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  1. My neighbor just got this cool hanging organizer for pens, markers, etc at Ikea. I will see if I can link to it...
    I don't have the time to search through all...but it is on the front page here in the sample pics. They are white buckets that hang from a horizontal bar.



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