Friday, April 2, 2010


Tonight we went to Good Friday Service at our new church. It was powerful, impactful and such an amazing depiction of the grace that we have received in Christ.

On a little bit different note... on our way home we asked H-man what he learned about in class. He said that they had the Passover Meal. We asked him what they ate and he said… “Well there was this stuff, it was like broccoli, but it wasn’t broccoli. It was green, I think it starts with an M, or maybe it was pesto.”

What in the world???

We kept talking and asking him more questions, we got that he had crackers (unleavened bread) and grape juice. He kept trying to describe the other green thing that he had, which I guess he didn’t like because he spit it in the trash. I asked if the other kids in the class liked it and he said, “Some did, but others put theirs in the garbage just like I did."

H: “There was also spicy stuff, it was cream color, our teacher had us smell it.”
Me: “Was it liquid or powder?”
H: “I don’t know.”
Me: “What was it used for?”
H: “My teacher didn’t say.”
Daddy: “Did you eat it?”
H: “No, I said my teacher just had us smell it.”

As the conversation continued and Daddy and I asked questions and were stumped… what could be the green thing that was spit in the trash and what was the spicy smelly stuff? Ten minutes later we were still talking and asking questions. I love H’s attempt at helping us figure it out. I love that H is in a class at church where he is learning more about God every week. It really doesn’t matter what the green stuff or spicy thing were, but knowing that he is hearing about the true meaning of Easter is priceless.

Guess we need to do some research on the Passover Meal!

Happy Easter!!

Love the internet: Here is what I just found...

"Karpas: a vegetable, preferably parsley or celery, representing hope and redemption; served with a bowl of salted water to represent the tears shed."

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  1. Sorry, I just saw this post. It's possible that his M word was maror. It is the bitter herb that symbolizes the hard time the slaves had in Egypt. It is often symbolized with romaine lettuce.



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