Monday, June 7, 2010


My last 24 hours

8:00pm Started having contractions
11:00pm Went to bed trying not to have my hopes up.
Layed there awake
Listen to Mr. Steady fall asleep
Heart racing... anxious and excited
Hand on belly
watching the clock
every 3 minutes....
I get up out of bed
call my mom (good thing she lives in Alaska, she is the only one awake this time of night)
Have her help me time my contractions and talk about if this might be real labor
still every 3 minutes while I sit
Start walking around, harder to notice the contractions, start doubting again if it is labor
Decide to lay on couch and get a little rest
Sleep on and off for about an hour
Contractions start to increase, every 3 minutes again...
 2:30am wake up Mr. Steady
4:30am check in at hospital
5:30am monitored (contracting still every 3 minutes), checked at 1cm
6;30am told to walk the halls to see if things will progress
7:30am checked again, 1.5cm
8:00am sent home, not enough progress.

I was so annoyed and embarrassed this morning when I was sent home.  I felt bad that I woke up Mr. Steady and that Nan had come over in the middle of the night to watch my kids.  I felt discouraged; will I be able to tell when to go in next time.  You would think I would know, this is my 3rd kid…. only problem is Bug’s labor was fast so they don’t want me laboring at home for too long.  I keep telling myself that this little one will get here in God’s perfect timing.  I just wish that I knew when that time was!

As the day has gone on I have had sporadic contractions, nothing super strong or consistent.  So I am off to bed, hoping for a good night sleep to catch up from last night!  Praying that this little one is healthy and will be here soon!

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