Sunday, April 17, 2011

life update

Whew life has been busy, it has been so fun, and it has left me little time for blogging...

Here are some random thoughts and updates...

We have had lots of company (which we love)!!!  One of my friends here said to me, "you guys are sure popular!"  I assured her that really we just live in a popular place to visit : ) 

Little Miss Bug is talking up a storm!  Funny things she says... "Ooopsi gazie," or "Busyland" instead of Disneyland.  She calls my friend's son Levi, "Why why."

H-man has an increasing passion for all-things math.  He is working on Sudoku puzzles and Numbrix.  What am I going to do to keep this little math-mind stimulated???

H and Bug are incredible at getting B to smile and laugh (a true belly-laugh).  So fun!!

We just completed a 14 week parenting class.  You would think that we should be "expert" level parents after that intense of a class.  But more than anything we realized how many areas of parenting we desire to grow in.  We loved the class.  It was a lot of work, but well worth the time we put into it.  If you are in the SoCal area and would like more information, let me know.

My friend Jenn, said to me today, "Kel, it sure seems like you have your grove down of having 3 kids!"  Ha, glad she saw me on a good day : )

We are looking at houses in our area... we love the house we are renting, but trying to decide if it is time to buy. 

We are still a little up in the air for school decisions for H for next year.  Do I homeschool full-time or be a part of a homeschool hybrid where I would homeschool a few days and he would go to school the other days?  Would love prayers for wisdom!

Working on a project with our Christmas Cards from last year.  If you sent us one, could you email me some areas where we can be praying for your family?  I will post on this more later.

Gas is SO expensive here!  It was $4.11 a gallon the other day at Costco.  It cost me $85.00 to fill up my car... seriously makes me sick to think about!  It really makes me question, where I am driving and if it is worth the cost!

I have almost finished sewing the binding on Bug's baby quilt... only 2 years late!

I have loved and been challenged by Bible-study.  If you haven't read 1st, 2nd or 3rd John or 1st and 2nd Peter lately.  I challenge you to dig into these books of the Bible!

This weekend has felt like summer!  Warm evenings, lots of beach time, swimming in the pool, ice-cream cones in the back yard, garage sales, lemonade, shorts and flips.  Ah, so thankful for a beautiful weekend!

Life should slow down a little and I'll be more consistent with blogging, I promise!

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