Thursday, April 21, 2011

strangers comments

So today, I had a first, that I had to tell ya'll about...

I was at Costco with my 3 little peeps, it was 1:45 by the time we were checking out... (15 minutes into what should be naptime).  Everyone was happy and doing great.  H was sitting in the back part of the cart, Bug was in the front, I had just pulled B-man out from sitting next to Bug.  He was in my arms, facing forward and holding on to the cart (like he was trying to help me push).  {do you have a visual}

Anyway, an older gentleman said to me "Please don't have another!" chuckle, chuckle!  Then he added in something about me needing another arm.

Seriously, he made it sound like we were the walking freak-show or something. Yes, it was hard to steer the cart, yes, I probably looked a little funny, trying to push with one arm and holding B with the other.  But really, everyone was happy and behaving so that has to count for A LOT!  Maybe I look more frazzled in public than I think.  Who knows!

I walked away thinking, "did he really say that out loud?"  Where is his wife, he needs his filter checked...

If Mom Had Three Arms
Maybe I need to get this book!  One arm for each of my kiddos!

My friend Dena always says, that a mom should grow a new arm for each child she has.  Guess this little old man subscribes to the same school of thought : )

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  1. People are so random with their comments. I think we just look busy with our kids. I've started to try to take it as a compliment. You're busy- yes I am thank you for noticing that I have a full and happy life! That's how I interprit it! :) I've never thought of the difference you've had from Utah to California. I saw Hallie post that. That's so true that 3 is the norm in Utah. :) We are BLESSED!!!!



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