Saturday, April 30, 2011

Steals of the day!

Today was the MOTHER of all garage sales for our area, and I had a grand time searching for deals, not only for myself, but for my friend and her sisters!  I was out the door by 6:15am. Yikes, early for a Saturday, but so worth it!!!

My solo item for Mr. Steady- a Quicksilver jacket, fits perfect and he loves it!  I should have bought a few more things for my man at this sale, but the guy wouldn't budge on the price... well and that is no fun : )

StarWars Puzzle for H.   He was super excited for a new 100 piece puzzle (his current level)

Hooked on Spanish-  I have been looking for some kind of spanish program to do with H this summer and next year as part of his school time.  It is a computer program, which H will love as that boy can't get enough "screen time."

5 pairs of kids shoes, but all in perfect condition!  $2.00 for the black/ flame All Stars (Converse) , $1.00 for the brown All Stars, $.50 for the gray All Stars. $1.00 for the Puma, and $1.00 for Quicksilver flips!

Scooter for my sweet Bug (and gender neutral, so someday for B-man).  I saw this at one garage sale early in the morning for $20.00.  And I seriously considered it, but decided that was too much.  Patience paid off, I found it at another sale for so much less!  Bug LOVED it!!
Helmet for B-man, though, Bug thought it was pretty cool and wanted to wear it on her scooter ride.

Pottery Barn Full/ Queen Car quilt!  It was marked at such a great price, that I didn't even negotiate at all!  This will be perfect for one of the boys!

Booster seat for Bug at the table!  I have been on the look out for one of these for the last few years!  And a black one non-the-less, which matches our table!  (Retails for $36- $43) 

Table and 4 chairs.  I might someday change the color, but I love the shape, size and sturdiness of the set!  Great space for puzzles, crafts or even school work!

My personal favorite deals of the day... 

Sounds like a lot for a garage sale purchase.... 5 pairs of designer jeans (2 pair of Sevens, 3 pairs of Joes)... for just TEN bucks each!  Steal, I am telling you : )  Each one retails for well over $100!  And not only were they a great deal, but they are the PERFECT fit, short little legs and all!  I couldn't have bought these jeans off the rack that would fit me so well!  Woooo Hooo!

An awesome, cozy Banana Republic sweater.  The lady that sold me the jeans threw it in for free : )

There were a few other purchases made today, some for friends... so give me your wish list for next time.  I can be your personal shopper, or garage sale assistant if you want to go together : )


  1. Jeans were definitely a steal!

  2. Girl, you did GREAT!!! Those kids shoes!! The scooter! THE JEANS!!! So glad you shared! I think we need to hit some sales together!

  3. Visiting from Twitter via the link that Raechel posted. What great deals!! Did you go to a nicer part of town to find this stuff? I'm determined to become a garage-sale mama this summer! This is great inspiration :)

  4. i just "fell" here from a blog i read regularly and i can't even tell you how jealous i am of your jeans purchase!!! you're so lucky!!!

  5. Nice!! I was really hoping to go to that great Ladera one but I was hosting a baby shower. I would be up for going with you some time!

  6. Did this all fit in your car? Go girl.

  7. It did all fit in my car, and I only had our Camry! Raechel, I would LOVE to garage sale with you someday! Maybe next Spring you can fly out to SoCal with empty suitcases and we will be sure to fill them up at this annual garage sale! It never disappoints!

  8. You hit the jackpot!!! Great job!



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