Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Grow where you are planted- part 2

I am choosing to grow where I am planted, and I am also planting so I can grow!  Spiritually, relationally and literally  : )

I loved having our garden in Utah, Mr. Steady and H-man made me beautiful garden boxes, tore up a part of the yard and we planted our favorite veggies.

(how cute is H at 2 1/2... miss his chubby cheeks!)

Planting a garden (for me) is not only budget-friendly, and health-conscious... but so much more!  I loved getting to teach H about how things grow, and for us to go and see each day what was budding, blooming, growing and eventually ripe!  I so delighted in seeing the bounty of our work.  There is something therapeutic and beautiful about a garden, I can't quite put it to words : )

I missed having a garden last Spring and Summer!  I missed the fresh tomatoes, and sugar snap peas.  I missed watching my kids get excited about the constant change... So even though we are still renting I decided that it was time to plant so we can grow : )

Here is our container garden on the day we planted it (8weeks ago)

Here is our little garden today!

We have harvested lettuce at least half a dozen times and have had the most tasty fresh salads!  I am dying for the first tomato to ripen!  And I can't wait until the zucchini are big enough to pick!

So much joy in such a simple thing!
Thank you Lord for my little garden!

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