Friday, May 13, 2011

Long week

It's been a busy week... lots going on here, both big and small...
We've had fun play dates with friends
Daddy was away on a business trip : (
Got a new blender... I could open my own Jamba Juice with this thing : )
Lots of green smoothies have been enjoyed
Lots of paperwork for me... which means...
Lots of Diego for my kids.  I keep telling myself it is okay because their knowledge of animal rescue and their spanish vocabulary have increased by leaps and bounds : )
Getting ready for a garage sale!!  Whew, lots of work!  Hopefully we will clear out a ton of stuff and make some good $$ in the process.

Okay, on to the really big stuff...

We are in-escrow (Under Contract for you Utah folks) on a HOUSE!!  We are going to be home owners again!
 Mr. Steady was offered a new job at this company, and he accepted!
and, I think we finally have a decision for school for H next year! 

Though momentarily, life feels far from settled knowing we need to pack up all our stuff and move.  It does sound dreamy that in the next 2 months we will be putting down some roots!  There has been so very much up in the air these last few months, it is so good to have some direction


  1. What a beautiful home! I'm SO excited for you guys. And I love the idea of a garage sale - perfect.

  2. congrats! the house is adorable!



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