Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Morning Nap

We are in Colorado visiting my family and celebrating my Dad's birthday!!

And it seems to be that each time we travel someone in our family gets sick : (
Little B-man is sick, horrible cough, fever, he is just sad!
I was up with him at 4:30am
Then up with all the kids at 6:30am
I was wiped out
Sweet B couldn't fall asleep for his morning nap
Little man fussed for 45 minutes
I knew he was so tired... and so was I...
So I scooped him up
We crawled into the huge king bed
And laid down
He wrestled around for a little while trying to get cozy, 
He thought the most comfortable position was to crawl across me
And that is how we fell asleep, his sweet knees on the bed, and chubby cheeks on my chest

This mama soaked it in
At home I would have never had the chance for this morning snooze with my baby
I would have had "too much to do"
I would have had 2 big kids needing my attention
But today, I fully embraced one beauty of vacation, and snuggled my littlest Love so his tired body could get some much needed rest!

Thank you Mr. Steady for taking the big kids on a hike!
Thank you Lord, for the precious time with my baby!  Help me to stop more often at home and take full advantage of sweet times like this!

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  1. Just catching up on your blogging.... I LOVE this post! It reminds me that these times are SO precious and few and far between. We need to take advantage of snuggling our kiddos. Time is so short!



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