Sunday, July 24, 2011

It works for me- eliminating fruit flies

My sweet mother-in-law was here last week, and I soaked in every minute we had with her.  Her calming presence, her joy, perspective and godliness is a true blessing to be around!  Seriously, she is amazing!  I could go on and on... but that can be for another post : )

Anyway, this last visit she gave me such a practical and efficient tip that I had to pass along to you... How to kill fruit flies!  Up until now, my attempt at annihilation was to try to catch them by clapping them in my hand.  Umm, INEFFECTIVE!

Here is the easy- sure proof method...
Take a small dish and pour in some Red Wine Vinegar - the fruit flies are attracted to the vinegar.
Then put in a drop of dish soap- the soap in the mixture makes them stick and unable to fly away.

Put the little dish by your bowl of fruit

And check back in a few hours.
1st one down...

Today I had 6 floating in the dish within 3 hours!  Made me feel like I accomplished something : )
My FIL said that if you get 5 in a day you are an "ace"

I'll add that to my resume, "ACE!"

1 comment:

  1. 42 fruit flies down in the last 24 hours... I don't know if we can claim a victory yet..
    And seriously where are they coming from???



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