Wednesday, July 13, 2011

up to...

life is still so busy, so much to still do... here is what I have been up to:
buying knobs
ikea run
front yard hang-out time with new neighbors
home depot run
fixin' meals
perfecting my plumbing skills
time with my M-I-L (oh how I love her so)
bookshelf building
kid lovin'
watching my baby take steps
swinging on the front portch
drain de-clogging (can I say NASTY hair... i will spare you the details)
sorting items for donation pile
finding old pics... reminiscing
swimming-lessons (for the kids not me, though I could use some)
breaking down boxes
play-room arranging
check writing/ credit card swipping
living amongst boxes
hot date with Mr. Steady to a wedding
5:45AM walk with neighbor
beach-towel drying
counting my blessings

Ohhh, life is full!  Trying to enjoy each moment!

... just a picture of our chaos... Oh, messy garage...

1 comment:

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