Monday, May 24, 2010

I am going to miss this...

What I mean by "this" is, being pregnant.  We are pretty convinced that this will be the last time that I get to be pregnant.  I am not going to make any rash promises, but it is looking like after the arrival of #3 that our little family will be complete.  God on the other hand may have something else to say about the matter, and we are totally open to that as well.  But as far as I can tell from here, I have only 5 weeks to soak in what it feels like to have a precious life growing within me.  I have been paying attention with a whole new sense of awe to each little jab, summer sault, and hickup.  How has God deemed me worthy to carry 3 precious little ones within me over the last 5 years?  I consider carrying the life of a little one such an unfathomable blessing.  (yep, tears are flowing now).  I know some may hate being pregnant, but I love it.  It is amazing, fat face and all, I would do it over and over again!

I don't want to forget what it feels like to be pregnant.  After Bug was born, I held her on my belly trying to remember what it felt like to have her on the inside.  There is nothing like it!

I don't want to forget...
this little one jumping about every evening when I finally slow down and sit on the couch
I just stare at my belly as a huge wave crosses from he left to the right side
the push-off as I call it, I think it is the baby's hands on my right hip as it's little bum pushes against my left rib
the rhythmic little bounce when he/ she has hickups
having to stand side-ways at the kitchen sink to do the dishes
the ease of maternity pants : )  Ha ha
the tightening of each contraction... braxton hicks or not, they get my attention every time
H's excitement when he feels the baby move
not being able to touch my toes, or put my shoes on
having this little buddy always with me, my constant companion
Bug pointing at my belly and saying, "Baby!"
a little foot protruding from the right side of my belly, I give it a little rub and the baby pulls back, then pushes it out again.  our little game
what it feels like to have my belly rest on my legs when I am sitting
the left side of my belly usually sticking out further because that is where the baby's back is
the morning dance that this little one does on my bladder : )  trying to get me up and going for the day
the awe and wonder I feel as I try to wrap my mind around this little person God is forming inside of me
will you be a girl or a boy?
what will your personality be like?
will you come late like your brother or early like your sister?
will you really be our last?  Is pregnancy a gift I will never get to experience again?

I am going to soak this in, each and every day!

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