Tuesday, May 11, 2010

is this a normal boy thing???

**updated with picture**

H-man has a new fascination, maybe we will even say addiction to spitting.  Yes, I said spitting!  I don't know if it feels like a new talent to him, so he wants to practice it and perfect it.  But this Mama is over it!  We have told him countless times that spitting is not okay. 

1.  This morning, H was going to the bathroom, I went in to check and see if he was ready to have his hinny wiped.  And slipped, the floor was sopping wet.  At first I thought he peed all over it while he was trying to... (well you know).  But no, it was clear and foamy, and slippery.  The kid had been sitting on the pot spitting so much that the floor was drenched.  I was a tad livid.  Seriously, what would make him think this was okay to do?!?!?!  So after yelling at him, and then getting a consequence... I cooled down gave him a rag and had him clean it up.  Then I cooled down some more and I apologized for yelling at him and asked for forgiveness.

2.  Fast forward four hours... we were at Target picking up a few items... The kids had done great as I shopped, it was a really quick trip.  Then at the check out I was swiping my credit card, talking with the checker, pleased that both kids were enjoying each other's company and having fun.  Until, I realized why Bug was laughing.  H had been spitting in her hair.  Yes 4 loogies (sp?) sitting on top of sweet Bug's almost bald head.  I took a deep breath, gave H "the look," and very calmly said, "H, you know spitting is not okay.  You WILL be getting a consequence later when we get home.  As tactfully as I could, I wiped the spit from Bugs head and strolled out of Target; steaming internally and trying to figure out what in the world will get through to this kid that WE DON'T SPIT.

So after some time thinking about this and chatting with some other moms, I came up with a game plan.  H needs to spit, I don't know if it is a boy thing, or an area where he is showing me that he is independent or what.  But I get it... I don't want to stifle the boyness in him.  So I designated a bush in our back yard that is now his "spittin' place."  Anytime he wants to spit, he just needs to go to his bush.  There are a few hard and fast rules though...  He can never spit on his bush when we have friends over (as to not be a bad example to other kids), and he is not allowed to spit anywhere other than the bush.  If he chooses to disobey, he looses the privilege of his spittin' bush and he gets a consequence.

So that is the plan, we will see if it cuts down on all of the other spitting!


  1. OH MY! I don't know if I should laugh or be grossed out! :) I love the designating of a spitting place! I do think it is a boy thing!

  2. Ryan says that he is just trying to get his aim down and once he does that he should stop spitting so much. :)



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