Sunday, July 18, 2010

Busy last month

Baby Bro is a month old and we have done so much in the last few weeks.  We hardly left the house when H was a newborn... I don't think we have had very many days when we haven't left the house since Baby Bro was born.

We have been to the beach (at least 8 times)

Gone out to eat (at sit down restaurants with 3 kids... something I thought we would be impossible to do)

Shopped/ run errands

Gone to the Pool

Went to a 4th of July party (Bug was there, she was just sleeping by the time I pulled out the camera)

And had lots of time with Nanny and Grammy

It has been a full and fun month!  Good thing Baby Bro rolls with life!  He spends more naps in the front carrier or his carseat than he does in his bed.  The life of #3!


  1. the picture with bug in the air and her tongue out cracks me up! you're looking good mama!

  2. I loved this post . . it's so true that you just go and do so much more when you are on your third kid. Somehow with the first you thought all those things would be hard -- looking back it would have been SIMPLE to go out with one. HA!! Glad to see you are enjoying life with three! I enjoy your blog!



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