Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jana Alayra

If you are a mom of little people, and you don't know about Jana Alayra, you really should...
She is an amazing singer/ song writer and performer.  Her songs talk about God's love, loving and serving others, shining like stars, digging into who God is.

We were first introduced to Jana through MOPS when she came and spoke to our group.  I bought my kids a DVD and 2 of her CD's.  It was an INSTANT hit, especially with H!  He memorized all of the songs... for that matter so did I... the CD's were on constant repeat in my car for over a month.  H loved to watch the DVD and learned the moves that go with all the songs.

Here is a Jana's website if you want to learn more.  You can also order her CD's on Amazon here and here.

My sweet friend Dena told me about a concert that was in our area.  So we made plans to go with Dena and her little girl.  Truth be told Dena brought the big kids and I met her there 1/2 way through the concert : )  It was a really fun night.
On her DVD's and at the concerts she is such a great performer, totally getting the kids involved, they even got to go up on stage. 

H, loved it! And I love what he is learning from each of the songs : )

What kids music do you like?  I am always looking for more tunes to add to our play lists!

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