Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Beach Bonfire

We had a first as a family this weekend... we went to the beach with our friends and had a bonfire.  It kind of reminded me of fun times doing this in college... but I must say with 3 little ones it was a little more chaotic : )  The kids loved it (other than BB, he didn't think the wind in his face was very fun). 

 Bug, H, and Ev

 I think these 2 might get married some day... they already argue like an old married couple... but at other time they get lost in each other's eyes : )

 Bring on the S'mores

Bug was lovin' the S'mores!

We will definitely be doing this again soon... 
anyone want to join us?

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  1. Kelly I just got caught up on your blog and oh my goodness we have some parallels. I think Fall is the best season in Utah so it makes me miss it more. I feel bad telling people that here because I don't want them to think I don't like it here but really it can't even compare to the beauty of Utah. Not to mention that fall here is all work with weeks and weeks of harvest. I'd be thrilled to head to that beautiful beach of yours!! Your family is adorable . .. .kids are growing so fast! I love keeping in touch with you!



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