Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rain boots

I have a new fascination with rain boots... Yesterday, while Baby Bro was sleeping the "big kids" and I went out to look for puddles to jump in.   Ahhh, to no avail, they had all dried up while we were at Bible-study.  But we had fun playing around, and I loved capturing each of their personalities, but also the sweet relationship they have.

And then about 30 pictures into it, I noticed this...

 Bug had put her boots on the wrong feet.  It made me smile and made me so thankful that I was able to capture yet another part of life at this point in time.  Oh, the ordinary day that I want to cherish and soak in!

We had so much fun...  I think this mama needs a pair of rain boots so we can make a tradition of jumping in the puddles... or the lack there of : )

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