Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Encourage your man!

Okay ladies, some of you asked for it, here is my first post on marriage.  I am a little humbled to write this... it feels so different to write about marriage (as opposed to my kiddos).  Mr. Steady and I have a really good marriage.  Like everyone else, we have had some ups and downs.  But by God's grace we have had many more ups than downs, and even the downs haven't been so bad.  Honestly God blessed me beyond my every expectation with Mr. Steady!  And Mr. Steady is such a great husband!  He brings balance to my life in so many ways, loves me with so much grace and is just an amazing guy.

With that being said, I have a fun idea to share.  I did this for Mr. Steady about 2 years ago, and he LOVED it!  I decided it was due time to give my man some extra encouragement!

So it here is a little challenge for you. Go out of your way to encourage your hubby.  I know for Mr. Steady, and about EVERY other guy I know, that words of affirmation are critical!  Here is a simple, yet resounding way to encourage your hubby.

Step 1:
Grab a stack of 3x5 cards and a pen

Step 2:
Write out as many things as you can think of that you love about your man, things you are thankful for, things that are endearing, ways your love has grown... Try to write out at least 20 cards.

Step 3:
Place the cards around the house in the locations that best represent what you are thankful for...

Step 4:
When he gets home let the scavenger hunt of encouragement begin

When I was first going to do this idea, I wanted to make it on the computer, or on color coordinating paper to make it look pretty.  Then it hit me... making it look good would be for me.  Mr. Steady could care less about the presentation, he just cares about the words from my heart.

Round 2 of encouragement scavenger-hunt was just as much fun as the first time around!  I think I will make this a tradition to do every few years!  Now it is your turn to try ladies!  Oh, and don't ever tell your man that you heard this idea from me... please own it as your own!



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