Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

I pray that you had a wonderful Easter!  Ours was not our typical Easter, but we made the most of our time together as a family!  B-man was sick (sad) and Mr. Steady has a herniated disc and was having trouble standing/ walking (double sad).  So we stayed home... which was strange, don't know if I have ever missed going to church on Easter ever before in my entire life.  Thanks to modern technology we were able to watch our church service live!  So cool!  The kids watched the worship, then they each went to their rooms and listened to some tunes and played so Mr. Steady and I could hear the sermon.  Then we had a lovely lunch on the patio and an Easter Egg hunt outside.  Followed by naps for the little two and relaxation for H and the grownups. Easy crockpot dinner, then we did our final Resurrection Egg.  As we put the treasures back into the eggs for next year, H went through each item and recounted how it was a part of the story of Christ.  If you don't have the Resurrection Eggs, and you have kids above the age of 4, I want to encourage you to consider getting a set for next year.  Be sure to get the book Benjamin's Box to go along with it.

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