Tuesday, June 26, 2012

little hearts...

Bug is spicy and often can be tough a nails, however, I have noticed lately that her heart is so fragile.  I was talking with one of my dear friends about this and she said the same of her middle.  That her middle can seem the toughest, cause the biggest ruckus, but has the most sensitive heart.   That if he feels insecure, or if he is at odds with his parents that his behavior is out of control.

I am noticing this a little with Bugs as well.  When we have guest in town, my attention is often split between our guest and my kiddos (as it should be).  But for whatever reason this can send Bugs in a little bit of a tail-spin.  I don't know the ins and outs of what is bringing it on, but I started noticing a pattern.  Guests would arrive, she would be shy the first day and then by day 2 she was "acting up" (being more disobedient than normal).  Part of it I'm sure is that I was distracted and therefore I was more inconsistent with discipline.  However, I started noticing that a lot of it was a cry for my attention. 

This last Spring we had over 10 sets of company, so I had lots of opportunities to test out how to best help Bug in these situations.  I found that if she felt secure and connected to me it really helped her little heart.  Instead of rushing to get back to our guests, I would take the time to tuck her in, read her a story.  Instead of encouraging her to "go have so and so tie your shoe... get her snack... read to her..." I would help her and make sure I affirmed my love. 

By no means am I encouraging creating a princess, self-centered mentality... We don't even use that p-word at our house... i have been really challenged to think through coming along side my kids, in training their hearts, in helping them understand this big world.  I want their hearts to be secure... Not just because I want them to have a great childhood... but WAY more importantly, I think that a child's relationship with their parents has a direct reflection on their view of God.  I don't want my kids to remember me as always rushing them, or that I was always more concerned with other people, not them.  I want them  to see that they are so very valuable in my eyes and in the eyes of their Heavenly Father... He LOVES them and not just "everyone else."  I want them to be connected... to me, to others and most importantly to their Creator!

Isn't it ironic the kids that we label as tough, secure, strong-willed, are actually a little bit fragile needing more reassurance and love.

Mr. Steady just got done "proofing" this for me... well, because I'm not the best writer... and his first comment was, "Bug sounds a little bit like her Mama!"

Sunday, June 17, 2012

... not much to say...

I haven't had much to say here lately...
I have been waiting for something profound, something to encourage others, something funny, or something domestic.
Truth is life has continued to be a little challenging around here.  Mr. Steady's back has really flared up again, poor guy can't stand up straight {another MRI tomorrow to see what is going on}.  I'm feeling drained at the end of most days.  Parenting has been challenging lately {always is really, I keep trying to remind myself  that this isn't supposed to be easy to train up these little peeps}.  My house is messier than normal {quickly realizing how much my man usually helps keep things picked up}.  There is chaos in my head with possible changes {nothing major, so no one freak out on me}.  My selfish heart daily beckons me to be lazy to have a pitty-party, to live life my own way {conviction is good, turning from sin is hard, but so worth it}.  After having exercised 5 days a week for 5 months, this last month, I have only worked out like once a week... I had really hoped my new routine would stick.. not so much.  I haven't been as intentional with my kids as I would like/ hope for {and you can see it in how they are living/ loving/ and obeying, or the lack there of}.

But I am thankful {do you believe me after that paragraph above}

I'm thankful for: 
- My baby turned 2- thankful for this spirited, loud, crazy, silly  little man!
- My big boy graduated kindergarten!  He had an awesome year!
- My Bug is growing in joy, developing her own interests, and loving on her bros!
- God has continued to provide for us, and I have a hard working man!  Mr. Steady was the #1 sales rep in his office for multiple months... even during all of his medical issues!!!
- I have found a renewed joy of reading God's Word!!!!!
- We have 2 family weddings this Fall so a long trip to Utah is on the schedule! Woo Hoo!
- With our current situation, God is teaching me a lot (to slow down, that I can't make plans, to do a better job around the house, to be thankful, to be patient, to give myself and others more grace, to ask for help when needed...)
- Mr. Steady and I are reading a book/ study together that is AWESOME!  It is called "Changed into His Image" by Jim Berg.  It is really challenging and encouraging me!  If you are ready for your walk with Christ to go to a new level, I think you should read this!
- Medical insurance... and that we have met our out of pocket max for the year!  So thankful that medical bills are not hanging over our head, and that each procedure that Mr. Steady needs is not going to cost us anything more!
- Support of friends, family, and friends that should be called family : )
- Our summer fun list... to remind me to keep making fun memories with my kiddos.
- For the exciting changes in the lives of friends and family... new babies, new houses, new jobs, soon to be new spouses! 
- that as a family we were able to go to the beach tonight for a bonfire to celebrate B's birthday, and fathers day!
- that I actually am posting on here, hoping this gets the ball rolling again : )
- and I'm thankful for you... anyone that stuck with me and read this whole rambling post!


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