Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mr. Steady- Back Surgery #2

I wanted to update you a little on life with us and ask for your prayers.  Mr. Steady will be going in on Monday for a second spinal surgery.  This time much more invasive than the one he had at the end of April.  There will be drilling in the vertebra, rods, screws, bone grafts, and fusion… We are hopeful that this will take away the continued back/ sciatica pain that he has been in since February.
We would really appreciate if you could keep us in your prayers!
For Mr. Steady's surgery- that God will guide the doctors hand.  That the doctor can take out the effected disc, and not to damage any nerves in the process.  For all details of anesthesia and recovery to go smoothly.

- Healthy Recovery- That God will allow Mr. Steady’s body complete healing.  Self discipline for Mr. Steady with no bending, lifting or twisting for 6-8 weeks.  Wisdom for when he to should return to work. 

That God will help our kids to be adaptable.  The first few days they will be with a number of different friends.  Please pray specifically for Bug and B-man, as they often have a hard time being away from me.  And once we are home from the hospital, please pray that they can truly be a blessing.  Life will probably feel a little upside-down for a while, it is our hope that they can adapt and get along and have great attitudes (I guess this is a universal wish, but somehow it feels more intensified in the upcoming circumstances).  

That I can have a true servant’s heart.  I have seen the ebb and flow of my heart over the last few months… from gracious then to selfishness (and back and forth).  Please pray that God will not only give me the strength to continue to care for our family’s needs, but a joy in doing so. Please pray that I won't be anxious, stressed and that I can have an extra amount of patience, especially with the kids.
God has covered us this past year as we have been in the midst of this trial!  We are so very thankful for the amazing support of family and friends!  May God continue to open our eyes to all of the ways that He is carrying us through this!  Please pray that our hearts be full of thanksgiving and joy, and our words honor Him and bring Him glory!
Thank you so much for your prayers!
Details if you care to know more….
- Surgery is Monday at 12:30, Mr. Steady will probably be in the hospital for a few nights.  I will update on facebook, but feel free to text me if you would like an update.  My amazingly sweet MIL is flying in next Thursday and gets to stay for 11 days!!!!  We have had multiple deliveries from medical supply companies; today’s delivery included a walker; such a little thing, yet a humble reminder that the days ahead are not going to be easy. 


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