Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1 Year Ago today...

... we said goodbye to what we thought could be our forever home.

It was way harder than I even imagined it would be, because it was the first step in a HUGE leap of faith for us.  We didn't move for another 2 months, which I really view as God's grace for us.  The last 2 months we were in Utah we spent in a short-term rental.  It gave us more time to say goodbye to friends there and it even gave my heart a time of acceptance of the change that was ahead.  The time was a blessing because by the time the move actually happened I was ready to see our stuff again (95% of our possessions had been in PODS for 2 months), I was ready to find a new normal for our kids and to "just get it over with."  Sometimes anticipating change is actually as difficult if not harder than the change itself.  Which was a little true for me!

All of these sweet friends came over and helped load up our PODS, clean my house and claim stuff we didn't have room to bring with us.

I miss our house
I miss the memories of each room
I miss our friends stopping by
I miss my backyard view

I miss the change of season
I miss the feeling of stability
I miss a tight-knit community
I miss the hours of entertainment and laughter this swing-set brought us

I can't believe it has been a year!

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