Wednesday, September 22, 2010

totally humbled

My heart is HEAVY tonight!  Some of our dear friends are in the midst of difficult times with their little babies.  It is so hard to wrap my mind around how incredibly hard it is to have your precious baby going through countless surgeries, multiple series of tests, receiving less than desired prognosis, and all of the little set-backs along the way. 

"Why me?" is not something that we have heard from any of the couples going through the situations with their babies.  Each couple has put their total trust in God's plan for their family, for their child and for this trial.  They have chosen to look at the positive in each and every detail.  They have not been unauthentic or sugarcoated what they are going through, but even in the raw emotions there is acceptance and praise for God being faithful.

Why me?! Why has God blessed me with three healthy kids?  I am so thankful and incredibly humbled!   I don't want to take a day with my kids for granted.  I don't want to take my own health or Mr. Steady's health for granted either.  I so desire to look at each and every day as the blessing that it is!

I am humbled by our friends' godly response.... and embarrassed to admit that I would probably not respond with as much grace.

We are praying for these sweet babies fervently.  At meal times if we forget to pray for one of these little ones, H is quick to remind me and he finishes the prayer.  I would give anything to change the situations for my sweet friends and yet I am so encouraged by how God is meeting them in the midst of the trial.

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