Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lamp on a timer

Forgive me if I have posted on this before, but honestly I can't remember if I have and it is a worthy topic to post or repost : )

At our house wake-up time is 7am.  It is fine if you sleep past then, but kiddos out of bed before that is not the best start to my day.  Call me selfish if you must, but I need that time to myself, to read my Bible or take a shower or if need be, sleep!

I fully recognize that it is hard for kids to want to jump out of bed as soon as they are awake, especially for little ones that can't tell time yet.  Here is an idea that was passed down to me from a fellow mama when H was little.

Put a light on a timmer in their room.  No need to set an alarm that could wake them if they might just happen to sleep in.  But a small lamp shouldn't wake someone up.

We bought these timers from Amazon.
I set it up in Bug's room to a lamp on her dresser.  Her lamp turns on at 7am, when it is okay for her to get out of bed.  She happily comes and finds us and our day starts out smoothly!

H-man can tell time so in his room we have a clock setup.  And B is too young to understand, but lucky for me he tends to sleep in!


  1. Such a great tip! You should do more of these practical, advice-driven posts. Many of us could learn from you!!

  2. I should have done that!!! That would have helped...a lot! My kids would LOVE to live at your house. Our day does not start until at least 7:30....8 to be more like it. :)

  3. Your timing on this was perfect! I think it must've been you that told me this long ago and we've been meaning to do it for ages! Before you posted I had been looking for a timer. We did it last nite and amara woke this morning loving it! Thx!!



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