Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Moving update

We are moving.... next week! Yikes!

Our house is Under Contract (in Escrow for you California peeps). The inspection is complete, our appraisal came back great and we close at the beginning of next week. We are dang busy packing boxes and selling our extra stuff (down-sizing is a must), touching up paint, dis-assembling furniture, and living amongst CHAOS! Oh, if you could see our house now...

We feel VERY blessed at the ways in which God has continued to provide throughout this entire process. Seriously, every detail is coming together in ways that Mr. Steady and I could not have even planned out. Starting with the fact that we were able to find a temporary rental for the exact days we need it and it is less expensive than our current mortgage. This will help us save for moving expenses since relocation was not part of Mr. Steady's hiring package.

Here is the scoop for our next few months...
This Sunday we are getting the keys to our temporary rental. It is a fully-furnished ski condo about 10 minutes from our current home. We will live there until December 6th.
Sunday and Monday- load the PODS
Tuesday- December 5th enjoy life in Utah. Soak in our last Fall (for who knows how long), maybe get a ski day in. Spend as much time with friends as possible.
December 6th we will drive to Cali
December 7th Move-in Day in Cali... start the next chapter of our life as a family.

It is all such a mix of emotions, but all in all we are doing well right now!


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