Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day! What is your perspective on V-day? What kind of celebrating do you do for Valentines day each year?

We are not much of a Valentines Day family... My husband and my perspective has been that we show each other love every day of the year, we do not need a "Hallmark" holiday to celebrate love. Not saying that we are ooey gooey romantic year round. But our life and marriage is full. Our lack of fascination with the holiday all started on our first valentines day married when I crashed his 4runner driving down a canyon from a ski resort. I almost died our first valentines day, maybe that put a damper on the holiday for us : )

Now that our kids are getting older, especially H-man. I really think that he would love to celebrate Valentines day. Which we didn't this year. I wasn't on the ball. But I am determined to next year. One think I have done the past few years (yet again, I wasn't on the ball with this year) was sending Valentines pictures of the kids to family that lives far away. Here are V-day pictures from years past.

(H 3 months old)

(H-man just over 1)

(H 2 years old)



(H 3, Bug 3 months)

not a single photo for Valentines Day... I will work on it for next year : )


  1. Hi Kelly! LOVE the pictures! LOVE the blog! So glad you got it going! You are such an incredible mom and I am looking forward to hearing more on mommy-hood from you!

  2. hey kelly! such cute pics, and cute kiddos :) I second becca :)



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