Thursday, July 7, 2011

We moved...

Well, I have been absent on here for over 2 weeks!  I think that might be the longest blogging break yet : )  But I have a good excuse, we moved into our new house!  Wooo Hooo!  It has been a joyful and great experience for us, but not void of stress.  I have been hardly keeping up on normal life, let alone unpacking, so blogging was on a temporary hold. 

This last week has been such a whirlwind!  I have barely been keeping my head above water... especially as a mom!  There have been days this week were I failed in the realm of parenting.  Everything is feeling somewhat overwhelming, no one's needs are being met perfectly, everyone is having some major/ minor behavioral issues.  My patience is being constanly tried and my heart is full of selfish ambitions (like un-packing)... Uggh, it has been hard!

This time of transition has been hard on all of us, especially my littlest peeps.  My kids worlds have been turned upside-down.  They are in a new home, new bedrooms, with new beds and lots of changes.  Bug especially seems to be feeling really insecure with this change.
There is not a single room in our house that is safe yet for B-man, which makes my day harder, my arms stronger and my baby frustrated that he is always being picked up and pulled away from whatever "fun" he is ready to devour.
I am trying to find the balance of being consistent with rules and expectations and being sensitive to their hearts in this transition into our new life (giving more grace).  The other balance I have not yet mastered is having fun times planned with the kids and then time for mommy to unpack (not so fun for the kids).  We will get there, someday all these boxes we be unpacked : )  Good thing Grammy is coming to town next week!!!

We are LOVING our house and feel so very blessed to be here!  We love the layout, our super driveway for H to play basketball on or Bug to ride her bike.  Our neighbors are very sweet and friendly.  We have loved living close to the park and pool!  God truly blessed us with this house.  Praying that our home can be a place of love, encouragement, comfort and prayer, not just for us, but for everyone that comes in our door.

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