Tuesday, September 6, 2011

busier than I want to be

Life has been a whirlwind the last 3 weeks...
We got home from Alaska
did many loads of laundry
did some school supply shopping
was home a total of 4 days
then I flew the coop and went to Utah... all by myself
had a WONDERFUL time in UT with friends and my sister and nieces
came home to my wonderful husband who was thoroughly worn out and had a new appreciation for what I do, and a new resolve that 3 is PLENTY of kids for us!
more prep for school
more prep for my "mom job" at school {i'm the event coordinator for the annual fundraiser... which is only 9 weeks away}
ministry stuff for church
swimming lessons 2-3 times a week
fun hang out time with friends
finally hanging pictures on the walls... getting more settled everyday {though 2 months in we should probably be all of the way settled}
lots of time at the waterpark- 3 times in 1 week...
more school prep
more meetings for school and ministry
scrubbing crayon from my car interior- thanks to my 2 year old
dealing with throw-up... thanks to one kiddos ever so sensitive gag-reflex lots of dishes and messy floors at home
never ending piles of papers and toys
i am feeling tired
i have been so distracted by all that is happening around me that I haven't fully soaked in that my baby starts KINDERGARTEN tomorrow!
I don't want to be so busy with the perifial things in life that I miss out on the importance of big milestones for our family!  As much as I am dreading having a school-aged kiddo, having life dictated by when the school bell rings, school vacation schedules and activities.  I am really excited for all that is in store for H this next year!  I just need to do a better job figuring out how to function in our new stage of life... to not let the necessary busy overwhelm me, and to know what other "busy" we just have to say no to!

Cheers... and some tears, to our new season of life!

ps. so very thankful I get to homeschool him 2 days a week!

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