Thursday, October 27, 2011


my baby turning 5 was fun, not too big of a deal
him starting kindergarten, got me a little chocked up
my baby turning 6, kind of brought this mama to tears!

the eve of H's birthday always gets me a little nostalgic, because it is the eve of the night i became a mama!  it was an emotional day, crazy long delivery, and the most elated moment of my life to meet my baby.

i can't believe he is 6
i'm so proud of the boy that he is
i can't wait to see the man that he will become
i can't get enough of his sweet heart
i'm constantly amazed by his mind
i'm trying to embrace that he is growing up, right before my very eyes
i'm praying daily for wisdom in how to instruct, direct and guide him...
how to bond with him, and continually show him that he is adored at home and we are thanful for him every day!

my heart if full... i'm so thankful to have this big 6 year old in my life!

cute story:
today for school i brought in cupcakes for  his class for snack time.  As I was leaving he whispered in my ear, "mama, will you come back and sit with me at lunch today too?"  Melted my heart! "I sure will buddy!"  Praying that he will always ask me to sit with him at lunch (even when friends are around), but knowing this might not always be the case, made me cherish this moment all the more!

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  1. Love that he asked you to come back for lunch! He is a sweet boy! I always think of him on his birthday and the fun I had babysitting him. I miss my little buddy and his mama!



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