Tuesday, August 17, 2010

6 in 36

Yes, 6 does go into 36, 6 times
But multiplication is not the point of this post...

As a family we have been to 6 medial appointments in the last 36 hours... that means 6 trips to a medical office, 6 times signing in, 6 times filling out paperwork and 6 co-pays (well we did get one freebie in the mix).  We only have 5 members of our family and 2 of us have not even been seen (me and H).  So why so many visits... let me break it down...

1.  Baby Bro had his 2 month check-up and is doing Awesome!  Our first kiddo that is above the 25% for weight, our little chunkers : )  I will write another post with all his stats.
2.  Bug had what I thought was cavities on 2 of her teeth.  Two teeth that she has only had for 6 months.  I was having a mini freak out about them, wondering what kind of white-trash mom I was that my 21 month old already had cavities.  To my pleasant surprise it was just staining on her teeth.  The only mystery is that staining on kids teeth is usually caused by high doses of Iron or Antibiotics, Bug has had neither.  Strange!  This appointment was our freebie, thanks to an amazing dentist that sees patients under 30 months for free!  Bug had such a great first experiance at the dentist, after the initial lip quiver and almost tears, she cooperated really well and did AMAZING!
3.  Physical Therapy for Mr. Steady's back (Monday morning)
4.  Physical Therapy for Mr. Steady's back (Tuesday morning)
5.  This afternoon, emergency visit to the doctor for a nerve block for... you guessed it Mr. Steady's back.
6.  Tonight, last appointment of the day at an MRI facility for Mr. Steady.

Uggh, Mr. Steady's back has been far from STEADY.  He has a herniated disc in his back, which is now causing major sciatica pain.  He can hardly walk, just standing is extremely painful.  He can't pick up any of the kids, put on his own shoes, or any normal daily activities.  It is hard seeing him in this much pain.  It is hard knowing how to best help.  And I am not going to lie, it is hard carrying the load of taking care of the kids, meals, house... by my (sleep-deprived) self.

Please be praying that he feels much better soon.  And that when the doctor reviews the MRI tomorrow that it is clear what the treatment plan should be.  And if you think of me, pray that my house will magically clean itself, that the kids will obey perfectly, that Baby Bro will sleep through the night... oh wait, that is totally unrealistic... so please pray that I may have patience, endurance and a joyful attitude!


  1. Hey friend, be REALLY careful what drugs they put him on for this. My bro has the same issue and the pain was so bad he got addicted to the pain meds and had to go to rehab to detox from them. Research and ask lots of questions, praying for you all!

  2. So sorry to hear this!! I hope he gets good treatment quickly and has a fast recovery. I will be praying for you. love and miss you guys!



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