Monday, August 23, 2010

Above and Beyond

Have you ever had someone that constantly goes above and beyond in serving?

Two weeks ago Mr. Steady and I went out to Denver for one of my best friend's wedding.  We had considered bringing H and Bug out to the wedding with us, but after much debate we decided that it would be best to leave them at home.  But with who?  I told Mr. Steady, "If only we were still in Utah, I would totally have Kaitlyn watch the kids."  And my sweet hubby said, "well, what would it take to have her come here to watch the kids?"  I immediately text Kaitlyn (cause I am cool like that) to see if she would come.  She jumped on the opportunity, we worked out the details and 25,000 skymiles later, she was on her way.

I was ECSTATIC, and when I told H the next morning that KK (that is what he has always called Kaitlyn) was coming his excited far exceeded my expectations.  You see KK isn't just some babysitter.  She has been a huge part of H's life since he was a year old.  She has loved on and invested in my kids as if they were her own.  She is incredible, to say the least!

Not only does KK take excellent care of my kiddos, she understand me as a mom.  She embraces that I have a "high need to know," so she sends me text updates or fills me in on the details when I get home.  This time she even took notes daily on what the kids did, ate, even funny things they said.  

And as if that is not enough the house is always cleaned up when KK has been there.  I know, I know that is how all of us used to do it back in the day when we babysat; but unfortunately that is no longer the norm!  Kaitlyn is a servant in every possible way!  Man I miss having her as a part of our everyday life!

Quick plug, if you live in the Salt Lake area and are looking for one increcible gal to care for your little ones, let me know and I can get you in touch with Kaitlyn.  I will be jealous, but if we can't enjoy time with KK someone should : )


  1. what a great post about Kaitlyn! Amara, Cale and I just met her this past week and LOVED her - what a sweet gal with a servant heart - I could see that from our first encounter. We look forward to getting to know her more. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. She is so wonderful! Yay Kaitlyn!

  3. aww thanks kelly! i love you and your family dearly!



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