Wednesday, August 11, 2010

busy last few weeks....

Wow, can't believe how long it has been since I last posted!  Life has been busy but good!  One of the most exciting things in the last 2 weeks was that one of my best friends got married!!!  Mr. Steady and I went out to Denver to join in the wedding festivities.  It was such a joy to get to be a part of Jenn and Josh's big day!  One quick picture of the beautiful bride...

On the home-front

We brought this crazy kid on a Mommy & Daddy Date...
To watch the Red Sox beat the Angels!
We had one tired boy on the way home, but it was well worth keeping him up past 10pm for the game!
This might sound funny to some, but we have a created a "bucket list" of what we want to do in Cali and going to a Sox vs. Angels game was high on the list!  

 Regular posting will be resumed... so come back soon!

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