Thursday, August 12, 2010


"Be Careful..."
How many time do we say this to our little ones?  I personally say it all of the time... probably too much.  I recently realized that often I have not done a good job of explaining what "Be Careful" really means (or looks like).  There are so many things that this one statement can mean... don't drop that, walk slowly, stop and think, be cautious in what you are doing, don't spill, watch for cars...  With so many things "Be careful," can mean this is not an all-inclusive training, but a start on what it means to focus on the task and to have steady hands.

I created a mini obstacle course, maybe relay challenge is a better way to describe it.  We filled up a bunch of water balloons and put them in a bin, gave the kids a large spoon to scoop up the balloons and carry them over to the other side. (H could hold the spoon, but it was too hard for Bug, so Daddy took turns with H)
So I didn't get great pictures of the process... but the point was made.  It really helped H have a better understanding of what I mean by "be careful."  We will work on what being careful means in other areas... so much to teach and train our little ones : )

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