Monday, August 16, 2010

Cloth Diapers- post 2

Baby Bro is now in cloth diapers too!  Wow, we are going to save a lot of money using cloth since we now have 2 kiddos in diapers.

I first wrote about cloth diapers in a different post, you can read about it here.

Just a few more thoughts / notes on our system...
I wash the diapers every 2 days.  I used to do 2 days of cloth diapers, 1 day in disposables while I washed the cloth.  I now have more diapers and 2 dry bags so I try to use cloth as much as possible. We are very flexible though.

When I take a dirty diaper off of Bug or Baby Bro, I re-fasten the Velcro straps, flip the top of the back of the diaper inside out to protect the Velcro tabs, then take the inserts out. (On the BumGenius).

I store dirty diapers in a dry bag.

Washing Routine:
1.  Unzip the dry bag
2.  Dump all diapers into the washer
3.  Add dry bag to the washer
4.  Wash on a short cold cycle
5.  Wash on a hot cycle, with detergent and an extra rinse
     (I just switched to Rock'n Green for my detergent and have been happy so far)
6.  Hang all covers
7.  Dry for a few minutes the liners (makes them softer)
8.  Hang all liners to complete drying process
9.  Re-stuff diapers so they are ready for Bug and Baby Bro to wear

It might sound tedious to some, but our little system works well for me and really doesn't take that much time.  I figure it is worth not having to spend $100 a month on diapers!

Okay and this is just totally my opinion... so take it for what it is worth...
I have personally grown to love my white cloth diapers and my blue ones.  White because they don't stand out.  If Bug is wearing a dress and her white cloth diaper shows it  does not draw attention, it looks like a normal diaper.  However, if all of the white ones are dirty and she is wearing Grasshopper green or Ribbit, it is like a neon sign flashing "look at me, and look at my crazy granola mom."
 BumGenius 3.0 One-Size Cloth Diaper-Ribbit
{I know, I am a bit granola and I should just embrace it... all the jokes in high school about being a granola girl might have left a little scar... and I digressed}  The blues I like because my kids wear jeans a lot and the blues just blend right in.  At least stay neutral with the colors you pick out... especially now that baby ended up being a boy, I am really glad that I only have 5 pink diapers... cause once Bug is potty trained they might not be getting very much use.  Just my thoughts for those of you getting ready to make the investment in cloth!


  1. Love cloth as well! I'll have to try the flipping method you mentioned - sounds a bit easier and my bumgenius' have started to not stay on the wash tabs a well as they used to! Yeah for "granola mommies"!!!!!

  2. I am totally LOVING cloth diapers! We are doing them literally 99% of the time!

    Annabelle is just beginning solids. Any tips for me for the future? It has been easy to do cloth so far with her just nursing...I'm kinda worried it will get really gross the more solids she eats.



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