Monday, May 10, 2010

Baby Names

It is a quiet evening here, I am physically wiped out so to pass some time this evening I looked up baby names... and meanings.  Fascinating, honestly this has been so fascinating!
Of the boy names that we have considered, here are a list of the meanings:
White Falcon, Dweller at Church, Son of Andrew, Son of Gerard, Young Warrior, Well born... and the winner for most random meaning: Fable Monster.

In case you are wondering the name that meals Fable Monster is no longer on my list... I just couldn't do that to the poor kid!

My favorite girl name means "God is my Strength."  I think that just sealed the deal for me!  Love the name and meaning.  Now just to narrow down our 2 middle name options for a girl : )

When we named Bug we fell in love with the meaning of her name with is "Bringer of Joy."  Here is what Mr. Steady wrote about it on the day we named her:


Bug's name is a name that we have liked for a long time now but when she was first born we weren't sure that she "looked like" it.  Her name seems to have a fun, spontaneous, and lively connotation to it and she has been so soft, quite, and delicate since she was born and so that kind of threw us off a little bit. However, we finally decided to go with it anyway for a number of reasons. 1) We love the meaning, which is "bringer of joy" 2) We like that it's not terribly common but it's still easy to pronounce and spell 3) We hope that she will grow into her name and become someone who is fun, lively, and full of spirit and still have a delicate and quietly beautiful presence about her and that she will live a life full of joy and full of bringing joy to others. She's certainly off to a good start - she has brought us an amazing amount of joy in just the last 18 hours. And we chose Hope for her middle name because God blessed us with the gift of this child during a season in our lives when we were starting to run out of hope and wondering if we would be able to have another child again and yet in His infinite grace and providence we were given hope again upon finding out that she would be ours.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." Romans 15:13

- Mr. Stead

Introducing Our Sweet Bug...


Do you see how much this girl has lived up to the meaning of her name in just 18 months?  She does bring us so much joy, and yes she is spirited and lively as well!

So it is with much consideration and prayer as we decide the name of our next little one.  May the name fit as well as Bug's has : )

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