Friday, May 7, 2010

Little update

Bug: Thanks to those of you that have prayed for Bug and I (keep em coming)!  The last 2 days have been much better.  Well, other than when she bit me today as I was talking to my neighbor.  To which I said to my neighbor, "Wow, I can't believe she did that.  Wait, I can believe she did that!"  Not saying that Bug has been characterized at all by biting, but that as soon as we as parents think our kids are above any behavior or rebellion we are asking to be humbled : )  So, other than that minor infraction and a few others of determination and defiance we are doing better.  I am handling her testing of power, with much more grace and consistency rather than shock and irritation.  Can I just say, that it is not about me either or anything I have mustered up on my own!  God has graciously helped me pull my tired pregnant body out of bed before my kids have woke up to spend time reading and praying.  Whew, what a difference that time in the morning with God makes!

Nesting update:  I wrote about my insatiable urge to nest here.  We have been able to accomplish a lot of the to-do lists. 
H's room and the guest room have successfully been swapped!  Crib is up!  Crib bedding for boy and girl have been washed and are ready to go.  My sweet friend Nicole came over and helped me sort through all of my boy and girl clothes.  Left side of the dresser has boy clothes and right has girl.  My plan is just to wash the Newborn size of each for now, then after I deliver we will just wash the ones we will need (getting so excited to find out what we are having)!  I have started organizing and de-cluttering projects throughout the house.  Man it feels so good to get things in order, I even organized my bras and undies!

PreSchool for H- I am still working hard to plan and prep for next years curriculum.  I originally wrote about it in this post.  From the recommendation of another sweet blogging mom Catherine, I took a look at Hubbards Cubpoard.  Wow, truly amazing the free curriculum they have listed.  I am considering using this as my starting point, and then adding in some of the amazing tools I have found on 1+1+1=1 Blog, Homeschool Creations, Confessions of a Homeschooler and the many other blogs that I am starting to dig into.  Planning for the whole year can feel a bit daunting, but it really is so fun as well!

Baby #3-  I have been having some contractions, and I was a little fearful that it meant this little one would be arriving a little ahead of schedule.  I still have over a month and a half to go, so now would not be ideal for this little one to come.  I had an OB appointment and asked if I could be checked, since I am scheduled to fly to Denver next week for a wedding.  My OB in his tad harsh New York fashion kind of laughed at me since I don't have any other indicators of pre-term labor (both of my other kids were within 8 days of their due date, I am 30 years old, the baby looked healthy on the ultrasound, the contractions have been happening for a week now and I am not in active labor...  yes, he really did snicker at me).  Anyway, I had him check and I am at a 0!  Thank goodness!  He did run the test (can't remember what the test is called) to see if I am probable to deliver in the next 2 weeks, but I haven't heard back from him what the results are.  I am not going to fret over the contractions for now.

That is my little update.  Sorry, no pics, lots of words, might have been a boring post for some of you : )


  1. fFn is the test. i am thinking that if you are zero you are good to go! reading about all your nesting gets me excited to see what ya'll are having too!

  2. Heather, If it is a boy we are using Caleb's airplane bedding : ) It is all washed and ready to go!



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