Tuesday, June 22, 2010

feeling tired!

All is well... life is just crazy with three little ones!  Whew, but we are making it, at times it feels like just barely, but we are making it.... much thanks to my mom's help!  I have yet to return a phone call, or email, to read anything (book, blog, Bible).  Sorry, please be patient with me : )

I am in love with my new little man.  He looks so much like H did as a baby, but has so many unique qualities of his own.  He makes the sweetest little faces, and sounds.  He sleeps great (day and night).  Last night I was only up 2 times.  Not bad for such a little guy!  He is content being held or sitting in his bouncy seat.  He has the softest skin and sweetest cheeks that I can't help but kiss.  Baby Boy has a name, I just haven't figured out a blog name yet.  Aunt Kira, can you help in this department???

I am seeing new sides of my two big kids.  H has been amazing with Baby Bro, he wants to help hold him, grab items I may need, talk to him, turn on music for Baby Bro on his bouncy seat.  He is gentle, gives lots of kisses, is patient and loving.  H has regressed a little in some areas, it just really shows me that no matter how hard I try to keep life "feeling normal,"  HUGE changes have happened here, of course H would show some signs of it.

Bug also loves the baby, maybe in just a little more of an aggressive way.  She says "baby" a minimum of 672 times a day.  When she gives him a kiss, it is usually in quantities of at least 12. She has to be reminded ever few seconds not to touch baby's face.  She climbs chairs, tables, and anything else necessary to get to Baby Bro.  I kind of feel like a mommy jungle gym... when I am holding Baby she climbs on my lap in attempt to love on her little bro.  I am constantly trying to keep him safe and keep Bug happily enjoying the new addition to our family.  This aspect of our transition has been exhausting. 

I am tired, mentally and physically.  I guess I forgot how tiring it is to be a mama to a newborn.  Then add in a 4 year old with lots of energy and a 19 month old that is curious and just had her world turned upside down... and that makes a very tired mama!

We are doing well, like I said.  Just busy trying to keep 3 kids loved on and taken care of!


  1. It will only get easier once you get a routine! Props to you for being able to blog. I think my head would be swimming!

  2. I am sure you are doing it with much grace. You are an amazing mom. I deal with the jungle gym too. It has gotten less and less. There is an end!

  3. Love your blogs! You are an amazing mom! As for baby bro B:: call him BBB! Sorry we have not had a chance to visit. I got a serious illness that will take about two months to fully recover.



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