Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lovin' on Baby Bro

We are all loving our newest addition.

Baby Bro has continued to be an amazing baby.  He only gets up 2 times a night.  Usually around 2am and then 5 or 6.  Bug and H still love Baby, which I am incredibly thankful.  Life is busy here, but life is good!

Everyday life is feeling more normal as a family of 5... well actually right now a family of 6.  Thank goodness my mom is in town.  She has been such a blessing... playing with kids, changing diapers, holding baby, cleaning, cooking, middle of the night shift,  playing in the ocean,  and maybe some more changing of diapers.    I only have 4 more days with her here, it will be a sad day on Thursday when she leaves...

Can I do 3 kids on my own????


  1. adorable kelly! thanks for the post!!!!!

  2. I love the pic with his eyes open! so sweet...and you most definitely can do three kids alone (although i do remember crying when jeff's parents and my parents left and i was left with a semi-sick baby and three other kiddos). You'll do great! You are a terrific mommy!

  3. You can do it!!!! Love that last picture, so sweet!



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