Sunday, October 17, 2010

4 months old

How can it be that you are already 4 months old???  Sweet Baby Bro, I can't get enough of you!!

What I love the most...
Your WIDE open mouth smile

The way you hold my finger when you are eating
How you light up when you see your bro, sis, or daddy
okay, truth be told, how you really light up when you see mommy! Is it just because I got the milk?!?!
Your laugh {melts my heart}
That you are SLEEPING through the NIGHT!!!

New this month:
You learned to roll over back to belly and sometimes belly to back
Belly laugh when you are tickled
Sat in the Bumbo for a few minutes
Started spending some time in the excersaucer
Little dude, you love sucking your thumb (you are our first thumb sucker)

BB you are still so incredibly chill! Everything about you is a true delight!

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