Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Morning Board

This year to keep on top of what we are working on with H, and in an effort to have Bug involved in part of "school time," I decided to do what we call "morning board."  Other homeschool blogs that I follow gave me all of the ideas and printables I needed to do this.  I love the amazing resources other moms out there have created and are sharing!!  For the printables and little video tutorials you can check out these 3 awesome blogs:  1+1+1=1,   Homeschool Creations, and Confessions of a Homeschooler

Here is our morning board

Our morning routine:
1. Bug picks out the color of the day... then the kids find items that are that color to put on display.
2.  H finds the day of the week then we sing the "Days of the Week" song.
3.  H and Bug go and look out the window to see what the weather is for the day.  H finds the right card to match the weather and puts it on the board.
4.  Bug picks out the shape of the day, again the kids do a little searching to see if they can find anything with this shape.
5.  We talk about the character trait, usually there is a little song that goes with it (based off of Hubbard's Cupboard pre-K curriculum).

6.  pause... I give Bug something to do (puzzle, coloring book...)

7.  H reviews our phone number and address
8.  H recites his verses for the week (1 for Biblestudy, 1 for Awanas and 1 for school)
9.  We go over the site words for the week
10.  We practice the sign language for the letter of the week and sing the ABC's doing the signs that we have learned so far.
11.  H and Bug do the exercise for the letter of the week

This sounds really long, but in actuallity most mornings it is only 10-15 minutes tops.  Then it is usually Alone Play Time (APT) for Bug.  Sometimes H does APT at the same time, other days I use this time to work on more school stuff with H.

That is our little routine for the mornings that we don't have somewhere we have to be... oh, and we usually do this in our pajamas.  Maybe when Bug and BB are a little older and can help dress themselves, I can aspire to have everyone clothed by 9.  I just don't have that lofty of goals yet : )

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