Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Ultimate Push Present

Do you know what a "Push Present" is?  You see, I didn't know for quite a while.  A push present is the gift that an adoring husband gives his wife after she sacrifices her body to push their baby into the world.  I was always under the assumption that my push present was my sweet baby!  Then as more friends had babies I started noticing more diamonds, rubies, and sapphires!!  Oh, something shinny to decorate our forever changed body to help us remember that we pushed a baby into this world... I guess that serves as a better reminder than our stretch marks or saggy you know what : )  {I digress}  I teased Mr. Steady on and off that he never gave me a push present with our first 2.  To which he reminded me that he spent the money on our amazing Doula Claire that helped me push our first 2 kids out!  Ha!  So true and I can't imagine a better push present for when I had H and Bug!

Sweet Claire was not able to join us for the birth of Baby Bro.  Which freed up some funds and allowed Mr. Steady to surprise me with an AMAZING push present...  BOB... to some it is just another stroller, but to me it is my Manny (male nanny).  HA!

Honestly, having BOB around almost makes me feel like I have another set of hands.  It makes going somewhere with my three little darlings that much more manageable.  H can sit on the front, on the foot-rest above the wheel.  All three of them can sit on it at one time.... well until Bug starts to kick H.  Then H has to get off an walk again... but as long as Bug is being sweet and not feisty, H hitches a ride too! 

It was a bit of an investment, but honestly it has given me a whole new level of freedom.  Can you put a price tag on that : )  If you are going to make an investment on a double stroller I HIGHLY suggest the BOB Duallie with Revolution!  It swivels on a dime, fits through all standard doors, I can even fit it through most isles at stores, and of course it is amazing for walks/ jogs.  Not to mention they hold their resale value really well.  I imagine we will be using this stroller for the next 4 years, it will still be worth selling even then!  So if you are going to get the double BOB, here are a few other must haves...

Car Seat Adapter
BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter For Duallie Strollers
Bug loves to put her cup and snack on the tray, and without this Baby Bro's carseat wouldn't attatch.

And the Handlebar Console is a must
BOB Handlebar Console For Duallie Strollers - Black
This is where I stash my water-bottle, keys, cell phone, iPod, extra binkies... anything I need easily accessible.

Thanks Mr. Steady for my amazing Push Present.  I love it and use it almost daily!  It makes getting out with 3 a little less intimidating too!

I heart you BOB!

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