Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bug vs. Truck

So sweet Bug is finally getting some hair that we can do cute girlie things with!  I am loving that it is finally long enough to pull back into pig-tails! However when it is down, it is long in back and short on top... a.k.a. the girl has a mullet!  But the sweetest toe-head, mullet you have ever seen : )
{Side note, doesn't she look so grown up in this picture?!?!}

Anyway, back to the story... Bug loves to play with her brother, and his toys, including his trucks, which is great!  They play together and have fun... However, this time it back-fired on her when she decided to "listen to" the noise the truck was making.  {You see where I am going with this}  She lifted it to her ear, and the next thing I heard was screaming.
Uggh, can you see her hair wrapped around the wheel???  I tried for 10 minutes to unwind it, gently pull... anything other than have to cut her precious hair off, poor girl doesn't have much to start with!!!  To no avail!  So Little Miss Bug is missing a small chunk of hair!  We were both a little sad about it, but have moved on!  Hopefully Bug learned her lesson of not putting motorized moving wheels up to her ear!

Final Score
Truck 1
Bug 0

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  1. Hi, Kelly! Megan Seager turned me onto your blog--so fun having blogging friends! Someone awarded me a stylish blog award, and I got to pick some other fun blogs on which to pass the award along--your blog being one of them! If you want to participate, you can pick up the award and read the rules at my Calico and Cupcakes blog. It is TOTALLY optional, but it is fun to encourage blogging friends.
    Hope your week has been a blessing and full of fruit for Him!



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