Friday, February 25, 2011

8 Months...

So this is a week late... but better late than never : )
B-man is 8 months old!  Not only is each month flying by, but he is changing WAY faster than my other 2 did at this stage!  {Slow down buddy, it is not a race to beat H and Bug}

This month-
  • Crawling on hands and knees... will still do the army crawl at times, but is getting faster by the day on his hands and knees.
  • Prefers finger-foods to being spoon-fed
  • Had his first ear-infection, therefore first round of anti-biotics
  • Has 2 little teeth poking through!  H and Bug didn't get teeth until they were almost 12 months old!
  • Way more aware of his surroundings... Won't sleep on the go : (  And won't transfer if he does fall asleep in the car : ( 
  • Pursues mischief!  If there is something to get into that is not for him, he is sure to find it.  
  • Loves sucking on shoes (YUCK)
  • Still has a smile that melts my heart and is one happy little man!

Watch out world... I might be walking by my 9 month update!

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