Thursday, March 11, 2010

Love/ Hate

Oh, how I love my bug.  She is hilarious, and growing into her personality more every day.  I am realizing that I have such a Love/ Hate relationship with the 12 month- 20 month phase in my little one's life. 

glimpses of personality
playing games
lots of snuggles
new independence
babble and new words
watching them grasp new ideas
watching them learn, grow and develop
Playfulness and Joy

I hate, or should I say, I as a mama struggle with...
doubting myself if I am doing things right
wondering if they fully understand
helping establish consistent rules
temper tantrums
that my little one does not fully grasp what I mean by "Get Self Control"
The constant testing the limits
The days that I stink at being consistent
My little ones inability to express what they want
Fits and whining

Ahh, this is just a season, right?!?! I do love this phase more than I hate it.  But I would be lying if I said that I loved everything about it.  I am just seeing how strong-willed Bug is compared to her big brother. I thought this phase was challenging with him, but now I realize he was just the warm up. Game on.

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  1. I totally understand what you mean Kel! I feel that way right now about the stage Ethan is in...I love so much about toddlerhood but I strongly dislike many of the "terrible two's" things that are coming out! You are a great mom! Don't beat yourself up...consistency is hard for everyone! I find myself being reminded everyday that my child is a sinner just like me the extra strength to show him grace and ask God for help in guiding Ethan towards his Savior.



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