Thursday, March 25, 2010

I have to admit....

I have a crush... I am totally "crushing"... butterflies and all....

Where do I even start...
Loves the Lord
Loves kids and is great with them
So incredibly friendly
Down to earth
Genuine and real
On fire for God and His word

Don't worry, Mr Steady totally knows about my crush, and truth be told, he is "crushing" a little too!

Did you guess that I am talking about a new church we tried this weekend.  I can't think of another way to describe it but a crush.  We have yet to enter the serious commitment phase (membership) of the church.  But what I have seen, I really like.  The teaching thus far has been incredible, the people friendly, the opportunities to serve many, the focus on family is amazing, so incredibly Biblical...

So there you have it, we just may have found the Body to be connected to.

ps.  Please know that though I have referred to looking for a church as "shopping" and our liking of a church as "crushing" this is a decision that we take very seriously.  We are praying for God's leading in our life, and it is oh, so sweet when He makes things clear.

pss. feeling very blessed right now : )

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