Friday, March 26, 2010

Pre School- Animal Classifications

Bible and Science:This month we have continued studying that God created Animals on the 6th day.  To help H-man understand the different kinds of animals I created sheets of the different classes (mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish).

We went to this great website to look at the basic features that separate the different classes of animals.  We talked about each area and possible animals that would fall into that classification.  Then I kept the webpage open as we began our project.

I pulled out from our sticker collection any sheets that had animals on them.   I handed H a sticker and asked him which sheet it should go on.  He caught on really fast and had a great time.  I pulled off an octopus sticker, and decided to google search it's classification before we automatically put it under fish.  Glad I did as it is not a fish...(okay some of you may be thinking duh, but it has been a long time since I was in biology). 

I was surprised at how much H liked this activity.  Carrying around his little book has been the pride of his week.  Showing Daddy and gazing at his sorting skills : )  We are going to add to the bottom of each page some of the basic distinctions for each animal group, like cold blooded vs. warm blooded, if they lay eggs or give birth to live young.

It was a fun activity to reinforce how amazingly creative God is in making such different kinds of animals.  On another day this week, I had H get out The Beginner's Bible and look for different animals, once he found a page with an animal on it, he told me what kind of animal it was.

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
H is did lesson  22 this week.  We do 1-2 lessons a week.  I am in no rush, as H still has a year and a half before he officially starts kindergarten; but he loves reading time so we will keep going : )  I must say, I have been impressed by how easy it is for parent and child to work through this book.


  1. I love the animal classifications project! Would you recommend using teach your child to read in 100 lessons for an almost 3 year old? (or is it too soon?)

  2. We didn't start using "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Lessons" until H-man was almost 4 years old. It was helpful that when we started he already knew all of the letters upper and lowercase as well as the sounds each letter makes.
    Just my opinion : )

  3. I love your animal classification project! What a great way to reinforce that God made ALL animals!

  4. So does that 100 lessons book seem to work? And the animal classification book i a great idea!

  5. Hey there!! Found your blog through Homeschool Creations!

    YAY for "Teach your child..." book! My daughter is 4 and is now on lesson 85 and she has been reading since before half way through the book! It is AWESOME isn't it??!!!

    I'm going to 'follow' you! Stop in and see us too when you get the chance! (:

    P.s...I love that baby #3 is a surprise! We let our first be a surprise and it was SO much fun that way!


  6. Great idea for classification project! I might use the ideas to give our stickers some workout too. It's great that H is doing so well on reading.



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