Sunday, March 21, 2010

church shopping

I hate that term "church shopping", it makes looking for a church sound so consumer based.  We have been in SoCal for 3 months and we still do not have a home church.  Oh, how I am longing to have this decision made and to belong to a church...  We are getting there, but the process has seemed much longer than I anticipated it would be.

My friend Natalie, who is from this area encouraged me to be patient in the process.  There are many great churches in the area and each one is a little different.  We have to consider which one is best for our family, which church we believe in their vision and doctrine, which one we will be used to serve at and above all else we are desiring to be patient as we seek God on where we should be.

I am just so ready to belong, to be a part of a congregation, small group and Bible-study.  To show up on Sunday and have familiar teachers and classes for my kids, to see familiar faces and not just a sea of strangers.  I am excited for when the decision is made.  Until then we are looking for new churches to try and re-visiting some of our favorites and praying that God will make the decision clear for us.

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